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for any IBM WorkPad™,  
Pilot™, PalmPilot™, Palm™  
Connected Organizer    
or Handspring Visor™ 


Download the 7 day trial  
version (v2.0) now:

5kb zip

7kb hqx

The registration fee has been reduced to $7.99.

You can now pay the registration fee online using Paypal. Send $7.99 to mattias@beauty.se and don't forget to include your HotSync™ user name.

Masken 2.0 released. Now with full compatibility with all Palm OS devices, from the original Pilot to the new color devices. The screenshot to the left is taken from a Palm IIIc device.

Bug reports and comments to mattias@beauty.se please, and don't forget to pay the $7.99 registration fee at PalmGear HQ if you use the game for more than a week. The limitation in the trial version, is that you can't enter the Masken World Championships. Your license is valid a week, after which you'll have to register. Thanks. Now have fun!!!

The Masken World Championships

1Matthew Rhyner181
2Luke Sneeringer178
3Miguel Sterner163
4Michael Miles125
5Janolof Elander-Jansson106
6james g. dashe103
7Michael Graff99
8Mattias Sandström97
9Anders Wigand93
10Julian Scott91

If you're a registered user of Masken and are running version 1.1 or later, you are welcome to participate in the Masken World Championships. In your "Game" menu, you'll find a command that says "High Scores...", which will give you a 5 digit number. This number, in conjunction with your HotSync™ user name and score, will enable you to submit your score below. The competition will never end, so don't stop trying.

This feature is currently not working

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HotSync™ name
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